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Dehumanization in propaganda is very common and effective. To dehumanize the enemy is to render them inferior by divesting them of their humanity.  The enemy, no longer human but animalistic, is associated with very specific negative qualities or features. This makes actions like killing or mass extermination through war efforts and other means as tolerable. Any normal, human attempt at empathy is aborted, and this allows entire societies to become tolerant to actions that would otherwise be seen as absolutely abominable if done to others.

Example of Propaganda: The Holocaust took the lives of six million people, the great majority of whom were Europeans Jews. A genocide on such a massive scale required the www.creditunion-point.com active support and complicit acquiescence of entire societies. A lengthy propagandistic campaign of dehumanization put in motion by Hitler’s Nazi party used archetypes and stereotypes that predated National Socialism. The concept of the “Wandering Jew” (about a Jew who mocked Jesus and was therefore condemned to a life of wandering the earth until Judgement Day) was first recorded as early as the thirteenth century. Such preexisting and known stories greatly facilitated the Nazi propagandistic task of using European Jewry as the scapegoat for society’s ailments. Note the greed and grossly exaggerated features of the Jews in both illustrations, with the goal of eliciting disgust and fear in the viewer.

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