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Direct Order

A direct order is simple, didactic, and to the point. It eliminates any alternatives or ambiguity as to the ‘proper’ course of action. It is often paired with an appeal to authority (to validate the order).

Example of Propaganda: In this poster, the Ministry of Health (the authority) sends a simple order that will help keep the war effort going: “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Trap the germs by using your handkerchief.” The second poster sends the same message, but plays on a popular saying.

Propaganda - Direct Orders - Coughs and Sneezes

 Propaganda - Direct Orders - A Handkerchief in Time 











During the H1N1 flu scare in 2009/10, schools, businesses, and public buildings had campaigns similar to these. The first is from the University of Calgary and combines a catchy, cowboy-ish “Wash ‘Em” with simple instructions on hand washing. Yale University adds new meaning to “giving a hand.”

Propaganda - Direct Orders - University of Calgary